James R Bonzo Accounting


We Believe in your Small Business Dreams!


Welcome to the home page of James R. Bonzo Accounting!

We are a small accounting firm here in Las Vegas.



We do not have a big expensive website so that we can pass our savings on to our clients by keeping our prices low.

Saving our clients money means that they can keep more in their pockets and add to their success.


We are the place regular people like yourself go to reach endless possibilities to grow your business or to start one.


Some of our clients just need tax preparation and they need help with deductions that they can and can not take on their tax return.

Some of our clients need help with tax issues, back taxes, amendments or they just have tax questions. 

Some of our clients already have a Small Businesses and are interested in learning about ways to make there current business grow more profitable.

Some of our clients never had a business and are interested in ways to start a new business need help with some possible business ideas. 

We believe in educating all of our clients.  We believe that by teaching our clients about the tax rules and  ramifications involving both individual and business decisions, they will be more prosperous, more confident and more successful so their dreams can come true.   



We want our clients all to be Successful!!


Las Vegas Area.

(702) 277-4157